Dinerbot T8


              Dinerbot T8

              Food Delivery & Serving Robot

              Introducing the DINERBOT T8 by Keenon – the latest innovation in autonomous food delivery robots. This cutting-edge model embodies the pinnacle of robotic engineering, providing restaurant owners with a dependable and highly efficient solution for meal delivery.

              What truly sets this new model apart from its predecessors is its advanced centimetre-level positioning system. With this enhanced precision, the T8 adeptly maneuvers through narrow restaurant aisles and seamlessly collaborates with other units to tackle complex delivery assignments. Elevate your restaurant's efficiency by embracing the DINERBOT T8 Keenon today, and witness a new era of streamlined operations.


              Superior Mobility

              The superior mobility of the T8 is a standout feature, allowing it to navigate complex and crowded environments with remarkable ease. Its narrow path capability, with a width as slim as 21.6 inches, ensures it can maneuver through tight spaces, making it an excellent choice for locations where space is limited.

              This exceptional agility sets the T8 apart, providing an ideal solution for delivering food and goods efficiently in various challenging scenarios. Whether weaving through tables in a busy restaurant or navigating crowded hallways in an office, the T8's superior mobility ensures it can reach its destination smoothly, maximizing its effectiveness as a delivery robot.


              SLAM Localization & Mapping 

              he T8's advanced SLAM system ensures stable and efficient restaurant operation. Its high precision is owed to an array of components such as an encoder, gyroscope (IMU), lidarodom, LIDAR, image module, and UWB.

              Automatic Recharge

              With autonomous operation, the Camello reduces the need for human delivery personnel, resulting in cost savings for delivery companies.

              Superior Mobility

              The T8 excels in complex environments, with a remarkable ability to navigate through narrow paths as narrow as 21.6", making it an ideal choice for crowded spaces.
              Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance: Featuring a 2+1 binocular vision plan with 204° dynamic real-time obstacle detection, the T8 enhances safety and flexibility during travel.

              Versatile Service

              Beyond meal delivery, this robot's versatility shines. It can serve tea and water in offices, handle express deliveries, deliver takeout food, and provide goods distribution services for the restaurant industry.

              User-Friendly Interface

              Operating on the Android platform with a touchscreen control panel, the T8 offers an intuitive and easy-to-use experience.

              Adaptive Speed Control

              The ultra-flexible speed limit function ensures the robot adjusts its speed based on the ground slope, enhancing its adaptability to various environments.

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