We bring all types of robots to the Philippine Market

Introducing Robotics to the Philippine Market

Powerbot, we understand the importance of reducing the time to benefit, and that's why we've crafted RaaS to bring you immediate value and convenience. Embrace the future of service provision with our top-tier offerings and elevate your business to new heights with unparalleled quality and support.


Lifting Bots


These robotic systems are designed to lift, move, and transport objects within various industrial and commercial settings. They come equipped with specialized hardware and software to safely and efficiently handle heavy loads, which is instrumental in physically demanding tasks. This technology can reduce the need for human labor and increase productivity in many industries.

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Delivery & Transport Bots

Delivery robots are autonomous machines designed to transport goods and packages from one location to another. They play a crucial role in the logistics and delivery industry, offering a cost-effective and reliable solution for last-mile delivery challenges.

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Cleaner Bots

Cleaner robots, also known as cleaning robots or autonomous vacuum cleaners, are robotic devices designed to clean floors and surfaces in indoor environments autonomously. They provide an efficient and convenient solution for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in homes, offices, and public spaces.

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Server Bots

Restaurant server robots are robotic assistants that have revolutionized the food service industry by enhancing customer experiences and operational efficiency. These robots are programmed to take on specific tasks within a restaurant setting, streamlining various processes and complementing human staff.

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