Automated Guided Vehicle For Material Transport

              TransCar is an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) that can operate independently from people and travel on predetermined paths throughout a healthcare facility to perform delivery and transportation tasks to give staff more time to focus on patient care.

              The Transcar is a self-driving electric shuttle designed for autonomous transportation in various environments, such as campuses, industrial sites, and smart cities.

              The Transcar has advanced sensors, cameras, and artificial intelligence capabilities, allowing it to navigate and operate autonomously without human intervention. Its electric power source makes it environmentally friendly and cost-effective for transportation needs.


              Effective Space Saving

              The lift deck vehicle that I recommend is equipped with photocell sensors to detect parked containers with precision. It also features a tricycle drive system that enhances maneuverability in confined spaces and maximizes the navigation field.

              Moreover, the laser navigation technology used in this vehicle makes it easy to install, maintain, expand, and update the system without significant construction required. With these advanced features, this lift deck vehicle is the perfect solution for efficient and reliable container handling.



              Designed for high performance and long lifespan of over 10 years;
              in handling heavy-duty transports.


              Proven technology with demonstrated ROI; more than 700+ AGVs deployed in 50+ hospitals worldwide.


              Reduce structural and material damage with controlled movement;
              fewer collisions which reduces cost of repairs and replacements.


              Easy route programming that integrates system into existing buildings with no significant construction. Easy route changes and scalable for future expansion.

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