Dinerbot T5


              Dinerbot T5

              Food Delivery & Serving Robot

              The Keenon Dinerbot T5 represents a groundbreaking advancement in the restaurant and food service industry, integrating cutting-edge technology to enhance efficiency, reduce labor costs, and create a unique dining experience. This versatile robot combines LIDAR mapping technology, intelligent obstacle avoidance, and a host of features to seamlessly navigate, deliver orders, and communicate with guests.



              Multi Machine Intelligence

              This groundbreaking technology is changing the game when it comes to restaurant service. With its innovative and versatile design, the Dinerbot T5 can seamlessly adapt to any dining environment, engaging with customers and optimizing delivery efficiency like never before.

              Whether you're a restaurant owner or just a lover of great service, the Dinerbot T5 is a must-have for anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve. Upgrade your service experience today with the Dinerbot T5!


              Adjustable Trays

              The Dinerbot T5 boasts four flexible trays, each capable of holding up to 10 kg. This flexibility accommodates different loads and plate heights, ensuring versatile service.

              Bright Expressions

              Experience more engaging man-machine communication. The Dinerbot T5 enhances customer interaction, making the dining experience more exciting.

              Navigation System

              With high positioning accuracy and robustness, the robot navigates efficiently in various scenarios. Multi-sensor fusion algorithms enable stable operation, including Lidar, IMU, and more.

              Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance

              The robot is equipped with LIDAR, depth vision, stereo vision, collision sensors, and infrared ranging depth vision, ensuring practical obstacle avoidance.

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