Carmello - LMDR



Camello is an innovative last-mile delivery robot designed to revolutionize the logistics and delivery industry. With its cutting-edge technology and autonomous capabilities, the Camello aims to streamline the last-mile delivery process, ensuring efficient, secure, and timely delivery of packages and goods.

The Camello is equipped with advanced sensors, cameras, and artificial intelligence, enabling it to navigate complex urban environments and crowded spaces easily. It can identify obstacles, pedestrians, and traffic, making real-time decisions to ensure safe and obstacle-free delivery routes.


Last-Mile Delivery Bot

This delivery bot has a secure and weather-resistant cargo compartment that can accommodate various package sizes, ensuring the protection and integrity of the delivered items. The Camello's user-friendly interface allows customers to track their deliveries in real time, providing a seamless and interactive delivery experience.

Last-Mile Delivery Bot